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Music Lessons with Bittersweet Music

We're always very busy at Bittersweet Music, providing acoustic guitar and singing lessons in school - PLUS we teach privately out of school too.

Tuition is tailored to suit the individual - there's nothing boring or formulaic about our lessons !  All students get to work on a wide range of music, from classical to country, from blues to rock and the latest chart music.

Some lessons take place in a large private space in the centre of Buckingham - however, more and more private students are keen to have their lessons at home - so no travel hassles !  Group lessons and workshops available too.

Children and adults are encouraged to perform ( we won't force you ! ) in public and opportunities are available from time to time.  

Bittersweet Music is only too happy to help singers and bands improve their presentation, performance and recording techniques.  

If you're interested in tuition, or just want some friendly advice then please do contact us